2039 N Center St, Hickory, Suite A, NC 28601 (828) 328-3432



  • The Dirty Bird$5.99
  • Fried chicken biscuit with breakfast gravy, scallion scrambled egg.

  • Biscuits and Gravy$4.59
  • 2 Biscuits with house made grilled sausage gravy.

  • House Pancakes$6.99
  • Changes Every Weekend. Ask about this weeks sweet toppings.

  • House Pancakes $6.99
  • Eggs Benedict$9.99
  • House Smoked Salmon & Poached Eggs on English muffin with fresh hollandaise.

  • Toad in a Hole$6.59
  • Egg in a Nest: 2 eggs in a grilled NY Bun with pepperjack served with house applewood bacon.

  • Breakfast Tacos$6.99
  • Chopped House Grilled Sausage, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese on two soft flour tortillas, served with home fries. (sub chicken breast at no charge)

  • Fried Bologna Sandwich & PBR$5.99
  • Thick Sliced German Bologna on NY roll, with mustard, scrambled egg, American cheese, & a bottle of PBR. (substitute juice or coffee no charge)

  • Chicken & Waffle$9.99
  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken Breast on a Belgium waffle with syrup and whipped maple-walnut butter.

  • Southern Shrimp$9.99
  • NC Corn Grit Cakes, sweet shrimp, mushrooms, Italian sausage, red pepper cream.

  • Healthy Choice$7.99
  • Egg White Scramble with sautéed spinach, onions, peppers, and diced, grilled chicken breast & a side of fresh fruit.

  • Breakfast Platter$6.59
  • Choice of 2 Eggs, Meat, home fries or grits, with a slice of toast.

  • 3 Egg Omelet$6.99
  • Choice of 2 Ingredients plus Cheese, with a slice of toast.
    0.79 extra ingredients: onion, mushroom, red bell pepper, tomato, spinach
    0.99 extra ingredients: salsa, cheddar, pepperjack, provolone, swiss
    1.59 extra ingredients: ham, turkey, bacon, sausage, chicken, bologna, chevre

Ala cart

  • A la Cart Sides$1.99
  • Home Fries, cheesy grits, fresh fruit cup or sautéed spinach.

  • A la Cart Meat$2.59
  • House Made Sausage, Applewood Bacon, German Butcher’s Bologna, City Ham, Turkey, or Grilled Chicken

  • A la Cart Toast$1.59
  • Wheat, Sourdough, Rye, Biscuit, NY Bun, (2.59 English Muffin)

  • A la Cart Eggs$1.59
  • Scrambled, over easy, over hard, poached, whites


  • Kids English Muffin Pizza$4.59
  • Breakfast Sausage, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese.

  • Kid Taco$4.59
  • Sausage, scrambled egg, & cheddar on soft flour tortilla, with home fries.

  • Kid Biscuit$4.59
  • Bacon, scrambled egg, American cheese.

  • Kid Platter$4.59
  • Choice of Meat, scrambled egg, home fries, slice toast.

  • Kid Omelet$4.59
  • 2 Eggs with city ham and American Cheese, & slice of toast.

  • Kid Pancake$4.59
  • One Large Pancake, w/ maple syrup or our topping of the week.